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American Metal Coatings, Inc. is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 Certified GM, Delphi, PACCAR, Kenworth, Peterbilt, & Honda approved applicator.

American Metal Coatings specializes in: zinc, zinc alloy plating, phosphating and cleaning with 6 fully automated lines to serve our customers. American Metal is able to provide a service to its customers that is second to none. We currently process over ONE BILLION parts annually with an average turnaround time of 3.46 days and a reject rate that is virtually unmeasurable! Make the switch to American and experience the level of service and quality your company deserves. With our innovative and highly productive processing techniques we save the average customer 15% on processing cost vs. ANY of our competitors!

Services Offered:

Barrel Zinc – Fully automated barrel zinc plating process– clear, yellow, olive drab, black, all post treatments (wax, torque tension, superseal, dyes, etc.) with the best performing and looking trivalent Cr(3+) chromates available.

Rack Zinc – Fully automated rack zinc plating - clear, yellow, black & olive drab. Best performing and looking trivalent chromates available with all common post treatments (seal, lacquer, etc…).

Barrel Zinc/Iron – When higher corrosion resistance is needed, clear & black, available in hexavalent Cr(6+) or trivalent Cr(3+) with all common post treatments.

Barrel Zinc/Nickel – We have the largest fully automated zinc/nickel line in the area. We are General Motors GMW4700 zinc/nickel approved applicator. Extended corrosion protection (1000+ hours), developed as a replacement for cadmium, high resistance to heat and UV light. Available in: clear or black trivalent Cr(3+) with or without topcoat.

Barrel & Rack Phosphate – Zinc/Iron, Manganese, Microcrystalline, with all post treatments.

  • Baking - We feature high capacity batch hydrogen relief ovens.
  • Cleaning - Passivating on stainless - clean & oil - clean & dry - copper strip.
  • Laboratory - Full in house certified laboratory with state-of-the-art salt spray chamber and X- Ray thickness/alloy tester. SPC in plating is key, we pride ourselves on doing it well.
  • Trucking - Three tractor/trailers owned and operated by us which means your parts are picked up and delivered as promised.

Ask yourself these questions:
Is your current supplier always letting you down by not meeting your quality and turnaround requirements? Are you looking for a full service, dependable, knowledgeable and quality oriented finisher? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Dino at American Metal and see how we can make your job easier and your products look and perform better.

ISO 9001# A-589